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How All of This Happened

I think I could always feel other people’s emotions. Love and anger were the easiest. I used it to gauge the situation. Now what I can do is unbelievable even to me most days. I can feel the layers of people. I not only feel their emotions, but their past, their fears, their intentions. Sometimes I get words or images, recently I’ve been seeing videos. I don’t know how I can do this exactly, except I know I need to focus, like I would to be able to clearly understand a movie on television. People are a mix of layers, and the more I pull back the layers, the more I see. I guess the biggest question in my mind and in the mind of others is if any of this is real. It feels real to me, but the real validation comes from my students. I tell them I can “read their vibes.” I focus in them and I tell them things that I just shouldn’t know and they love it. They are almost relieved that someone can understand what they are feeling. Most adults I read are scared and try and hide what they think and feel. When I reveal it to them, they often cry. Example: student in my class-I describe his bedroom, his relationship with his parents, his current concerns and fears. I tell him if he’s in a relationship or not. These aren’t guesses. These are statements of facts. Things I know that I just shouldn’t know.

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