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My coworker’s dilemma

She was worried about her husband. That’s how the conversation started. She asked if I could read his vibe through her. I had meet him a few times but I could get his energy through hers. “He’s overwhelmed,” I said. This in itself was obvious to me. I felt it through every part of me. He felt like he was drowning and I described it in just that way. She nodded. “He’s felt like this before when he was younger, and he has no one to turn to. He can’t go to you. He feels you have too much on your plate already. He has no real close friends. He has a few guy friends. I see them playing cards, maybe smoking cigars, but they don’t talk about anything. He’s drowning and hopeless. He sees no end to this. He loves you. He doesn’t even think about other women.” She smiled at this and then went home to check with her husband. He is a skeptic about this kind of stuff. He validated everything. His constant reply, “really? She said that? Wow.” The only part he disagreed with was that the friends I mentioned hadn’t played cards together in years. Remote reading is not as easy as one on one, but apparently it’s accurate.

5 thoughts on “My coworker’s dilemma

  1. Hi
    I’m an empath too. I’m glad to say that all I pick up on is broad emotions, and can’t always be sure who they’re coming from. What you’re experiencing really scares me, and perhaps it scares you too? Did you turn it into a game to feel better about it?
    I’m with your husband. It’s none of your business. I’d feel uncomfortable if someone was spying on my emails. How much more if they were reading my soul without me even knowing?
    Have you connected with other empaths and sensitives, found out how they deal with it, what ethics they apply? Seriously, although you seem to be enjoying it at present, I think it could turn very nasty if you’re not careful. Good luck!

    • I agree with you completely. With very few exceptions, I only read people when I can’t help it or they ask. My students beg to have their vibes read because they say it really helps them. That is truly how I am approaching this new found ability. I really just want to try and help people. I do feel there is a slippery slope here because it is very unethical to pry into others souls. I always try and be aware of that. I have never met anyone else who can do this. I’ve met people who can see and talk to the dead, which I can’t do. I’ve met those who can see the future. I guess this kind of falls into those same two spots. Who gives the dead permission to speak? I would love to hear about your experiences because that is a reason I even started this blog to begin with. I want advice as well as people to talk to about it. I know there has to be a lot of us out there. I am very accepted by people when they learn that I can do this. Adults are always more skeptical and scared than kids. They have so much to hide. Let me know your thoughts and experiences. I would love to hear about them.

      • I’ve been more comfortable with my abilities since reading the HIghly Sensitive Person http://www.hsperson.com/
        There’s plenty of other information out there. This extreme empathy is sometimes known as clairsentience: http://www.psychicbutsane.com/empathy/is-overactive-empathy-ruining-your-life
        I still sometimes have the experience of feeling a strong emotion such as anger or fear, and taking a while to figure out it isn’t mine. One time I visited a cathedral and had to leave because I was experiencing an overwhelming sense of something wrong or evil.
        The positive is that I’m a great group faciliator, able to go with the flow, feel the group’s needs and meet them, by and large!

      • I will have to check those books out. I’ve read a little about the topic, but I haven’t really researched all of it. I am a teacher so my ability to read people means that I am able to work successfully with even the most challenging student. It’s been how I’ve improved my skills and even realized how this could be possible. It took me awhile to accept that I really know these things. Have you been this way your entire life? Did it just start recently? Just wondering.

      • I’ve always been this way. but as a child I was overwhelmed by understanding what others felt and wanted. I didn’t recognise that I had feelings and wants too, Until my 30s I felt like a robot programmed to service others! thankfully I have slowly learned to turn the volume down on others and listen to myself. I’ve also learned to keep away from needy, exploitative people.

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