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The Couple in the Restaurant

We are sitting across from a young couple. To the outsider, they look perfect. It is a trendy restaurant. She is blonde and pretty; he is equally put together and attractive. I feel her before I check on him. I don’t mean to pick up her vibe in this crowded place. It often works that the various energies circle around and confuse themselves. This feeling is clear and it strikes me in my stomach first. She must be thinking it at that moment for it to be so clear. At this point it is so strong in my core that I know it is real. She is smiling at him as he talks, but her heart is distant. I dig further. Her heart belongs to another who feels distant to me. I realize she’s not cheating; she’s pining. I feel bad for her, so I check in on the man across from her. I see the large diamond sparkle on her finger. My god, the cliche is paralyzing for me, but I read him anyway. His love is right there, top level, first tier. It is shining and real.

My husband looks at me, “Mind you’re own business.” I smile. I explain the entire situation. I feel this man should know. I can never tell the future (though I have been accurate a few times), but I feel this man will come back into her life. I feel her looking for a reason to leave him. Almost on cue, she gets up from the table. My husband grabs my hand and looks at me. “Mind your own business,” he says. I smile and cock my head to the side, feigning innocence. “Wouldn’t you want to know?” He shakes his head. “If he is meant to know, he’ll find out,” he says.
“Well, that’s the rub, isn’t it? Maybe I’m meant to tell him.”
“It never goes well for you.” He’s right. So often people don’t believe me and the amount of time it takes to convince people I can do this is embarrassing. It’s not like talking to dead people. I often have to wade through the obvious. But tonight I’ve made up my mind. I going to tell him, warn him. I get up from my table.
“What are you doing? Are you seriously doing this?” He shakes his head and smiles. He knows me by now. I get close to the table, and I can see the lines on his face. I’m that close. The woman comes back. I am startled. I stop and the two of us make eye contact. I smile but keep moving, pretending that I am going to the bathroom instead. I’m such a coward. Good luck, guy! If you read this, she’s going to break your heart, but perhaps that’s for you to find out another day.

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