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Another Validation

I can never get too many validations. I always want to know that I am on track with my feelings. It drives me crazy when I see something or feel something and I can’t validate it. Perhaps the person has no idea what I’m talking about or tries to make something else fit and his/her answer does not feel right.
In class there is a boy in the front row. “Read my vibe,please,” he asks. I focus and I see his dad, worried. I’ve never met his dad but I can feel that’s who it is. “Your dad is really upset about something. Is he sick because he is running his hands through his hair and pacing?” My students shakes head. “No, he’s ok,” he says. “No,” I repeat there’s something troubling him. It’s new and he can’t wrap his mind around it. He’s worried.” My student denies it again. “You would know about this,” I say, scratching my head. It feels so strong and true, but I move on and dig around. “You’re planning to go on this trip. It’s been planned for awhile. Your nervous about it though.” He nods. “Where are you going?” I ask. “I’m going on a trip to Colorado.” “Oh, really. Why?” He answers,”We’re adopting my four year old cousin.”
“Do you think,”I ask,”you’re dad might be upset or nervous about that?”
“Oh, yeah!” He answers. “Yeah, he’s been really upset about that. Wow! I just didn’t think about that when you were saying that.”
When I get a feeling and image that is so strong and a person is telling me it’s wrong is really hard. I try not to lose my patience and I’ve learned to find other ways to it. I’ve really started to learn to trust my feelings and my images. I don’t always know why someone feels a certain way, but I do know I can feel it.

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