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How It Feels to Be an Empath Cont…

It feels wonderful and terrible all at the same time. Contrary to what some may believe, it’s not scary. I’ve been more saddened than scared. Imagine knowing or being able to perceive everyone’s emotions around you if you like it or not. I go through every day with a constantly running television in the background of my mind. If I turn and look at it and devote any attention to it, I see fascinating things. Generally I ignore the murmurs and the flashes on the screen, but often I can’t. Anger and love and anxiety those are the strongest, clearest emotions. They come through with full video like images. One of my coworkers was furious the other day, and I was given an immediate and front row seat to his soul. I don’t think he would have liked what I saw. His anger paralyzed me and I needed to do some serious focusing. I’ve read where empaths don’t know what’s theirs and what’s others. I seem to know very clearly because it’s not in my head. It’s in my stomach and chest. I know it’s not mine, but it doesn’t mean that I am free and clear from the effects. I feel coated often by the slim and sludge of others. Pools help and so do baths. I often pray. I will say one thing. Feeling love in a person’s heart is amazing, even when it’s not for me.

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