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More Meandering Thoughts-Plants

In addition to feeling people, I think I feel plants. I say “think” because I can so clearly never get any real validation. A plant is never going to turn an embarrassed shade of red when I am right. Plants also seem to feel either “happy” or “unhappy.” These two things seemed to be based on what they need to survive (water, food, sunlight). Again, I have no way of knowing if any if this is true, but when a plant is not happy, I feel it. It’s lighter than human emotion and more based on survival needs, but it’s there. I have been in waiting rooms and felt the unhappy, sun-starved plant or watered infrequently plant. I feel their unhappiness first, and then I think I identify the need. Again, I say “think” because I can only go by my feelings here. A happy plant or plants is completely enjoyable to be around. I find that mostly outside, but there are a few on my porch that I can say are quite happy to be there. Sometimes I just know a plant is unhappy, but don’t know how to help. My students laugh when I tell them I can read plants. They point to the ones on my window sill in my classroom and ask what it is feeling. They think they’re so cute!

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