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How It Feels to Be an Empath cont again…

I really try my best not to judge people. God, I’m starting to sound like a novel I know. It’s hard to be as harsh when you can actually feel what that person is feeling. It tends to curb any cruelty. It could also allow someone to be an awesome manipulator, so you should be careful. If I can do this with the hopes of helping people, there has to be others who do it for the wrong reasons. I also have no real ability to be able to identify other people who can do this. I’ve met people and they say they’re unitive or empaths, but I would never have guessed. Can I feel that deep pain you suffered when you were five and your parents divorced? Yes! Can I feel that you see dead people? Sadly, no. I’m not sure why it is this way, but I just can’t. It would make all if this a lot less lonely and feel a lot less crazy. Perhaps I wouldn’t feel the need for constant validation.

Imagine knowing the feelings of those you love even when their feelings are not the best where you are concerned. You feel the annoyance, the irritation. You KNOW when you are being talked about. You feel the sticky guilt of words just said, but you weren’t there to hear them. It’s almost like a payment for the times I can feel when I am liked. It’s almost addicting. There is a place in the human soul when you become more than a friend, more than an acquaintance. I can feel that click. It’s perceptible to me. I can also feel when it clicks the other way. Gift or poison? I can never decide.

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