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There Are Two

There are times when I feel blessed by this ability. In my soul, I know that some divine power was ok with allowing me to know the thoughts and feelings of others. He/she must have had the foresight to give some of us the ability to empathize to such an extent that compassion had to follow. This has allowed me to feel the unconditional love of my mother; the shining, sun beam love of my two children when I snuggle with them during our quiet time together. On the flip side (And who are we kidding? There is always a flip side) I am unable to be around certain people and certain places because if this. I feel if two people just had sex or an argument. They walk by and it is perceived by me. I feel when a little girl feels lonely and unloved, I have felt the terrible pangs of a troubled man on a bench. It can be way too much. I used to believe that it was my over active imagination. Surely it was my creativity and not reality that I was feeling. It wasn’t until my constant validations over and over again did I realize that I know. I know. It is a difficult and wonderful thing to realize. The dichotomy is astounding. A double-edged sword (No, I could not avoid the cliche), power and privilege, hurt and pain. I can never have one without the other soon following. The constant reminder from the omniscient one that this is the way of life. One can never have grace without cost.

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