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Loving an Empath cont…

It makes sense that I would marry the most staid man in the world. You have never met a calmer more emotion controlled person than my husband. His overall ability to push his feelings so far down into himself made him very attractive. I rarely have to deal with his emotions unless I dig. The downside is that he often feels like stone. I have to dig to even feel if he loves me and when that feeling wavers for even a moment-well, you can guess how that makes me feel. I try to understand his perspective. It must be so difficult to have someone in your life who can do this. In some ways it’s great. I am always understanding and an awesome listener. What Empath isn’t? I am infinitely fascinated by people because they really are quite attractive when you are looking at their souls. I also know exactly who he is and I love him so much for it. He has the most simple and beautiful soul I’ve ever seen. He has his difficult parts, the lumpy ones that make me want to scream, but he is an amazing person. He also puts up with me and all of this and that is unique.

3 thoughts on “Loving an Empath cont…

  1. Oh, my gosh. I can really relate to you, Empath. I married the same kind of guy and it was such a relief (we have since separated, however). I also find my friends tend to be fairly direct, more blunt than I am, in fact. It’s easier for me to deal with direct people. What’s exhausting about many people is that if they’re not in touch with/expressive of their feelings, they’ll say “everything’s fine” but I can feel that it’s not, and then there’s nowhere to go from there. I keep saying, “…but…how are you?” It’s strange to talk about superficial topics when you can feel so much tension/unhappiness around someone; and then I feel drained, too. Sometimes I also feel people tell me very personal things, right off the bat! From perfect strangers, to acquaintances. I’m honored and I like it, but I’ve had a history of then taking on the role of the person they talk to…and it’s a lot, at times. Does that sound familiar to you, as well…?

    • Yes! I cannot just chat with people. Almost every conversation I have is this deep meaningful conversation. I always have a difficult time with people who are not saying what they are feeling!!! You said it perfectly. I just get so distracted by the fact the outside does not reflect what I feel. I felt goosebumps when I read your comment. My husband and I are having a lot of problems actually. We’re trying, but it is rely difficult to be in a relationship with me if you’re not going to tell me how you feel, but I can’t always pull it out of people, so I just let them live the lie. I think that will be the topic of my next blog! What else do we share?

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