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First Date

They caught my attention when they sat down. I could feel their newness. I knew immediately they were on a first date. It was when the guy said he needed to use the bathroom that I immediately felt the girl’s disinterest. She is waiting for a guy to contact her. She just meet him and slept with him and now she wants him to contact her. The guy returns and she turns on this perceptible charm. Why is she doing this? I wonder. She thinks he’s dorky, geeky. He’s trying way too hard. I want to tell him to stop and save his money. He thinks she’s cute. I feel it on him immediately. He thinks he has a shot. I feel that he is completely unaware of her disinterest. He has no idea that she is holding on to her phone waiting for her friend to text her back. I feel so bad for him. Sad.

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