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What I mean by “reading” people can best be described like peeling an onion. For those of you with young children, you will remember in Shrek when he says that he has layers. Donkey, his trusty side-kick, says, “Like an onion? Onions have layers.” When I read someone, I focus my energy on his/hers. I, literally, find his/her vibration and tune in on it. I know when I have something because I feel it in my chest. My brain reads it, but it doesn’t change it. It’s like the feeling hits my mouth before my brain. I know whatever I am feeling is the first layer. This is on the surface. It’s usually the feeling the person is feeling right at that moment or recently. I can “dig” around on that level and find out more. It helps me to ask questions because it helps to steer me. I feel emotions. I don’t always know why the person is feeling it. I can often tell who it’s directed at. Recently, I have started getting mini videos in my head. I am not a fan of these. They can be overwhleming. If I dig down, I can see what is at the core of people. Happy/content people feel light. They are warm. I like to be near people when they are happy. It’s like this warm penetrating light that toasts me from the inside. There are people who just radiate this light off of their inner being. Sounds strange, right? The funniest thing is that these people are so often not attractive on the outside, but I don’t see that. I do see it, but I don’t. There is a woman who swims at the pool on Saturday morning. She is an older woman with her flowery bathing suit, wrinkling skin, plastic swim cap. She radiates light. I don’t even need to read her. If I focus on her energy, her contentment hits me up my arm. That is another place I feel emotions. Through and up my left arm. Only my left. Weird, right?

Anxious people: Thoughts Will Follow

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