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Children of an Empath

Many of my students always comment that they would hate to be my child. Some say they would love it. I can tell when there’s something wrong; I can tell when you’re lying; I can feel your emotions. They have nowhere to hide. I think that is both good and bad. My boys are both still young, but they have a mom who can feel when I’ve made them sad. I feel how even the slightest thing can truly break their little hearts. It helps me to tread lightly at times. I can feel when they are starting to get frustrated or annoyed and I can help them work through it before it becomes too much. I felt their little souls in my belly the entire time I was pregnant. It was amazing. I knew the minute I was pregnant, knowing even when the pregnancy test said no because it was too early for it to tell. I also felt their personalities while they were there.

I like to believe that when they get old enough to realize that I am an Empath(qualities that my five year old already exhibits) they will appreciate what their mom can do as opposed to hate it. I will try really hard not to embarrass them, but I’m a mom. Of course I will.

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