My husband is a musician and plays in a band. They played a huge show at a very popular place with some big bands. I love reading vibes when a person is doing exactly what he/she should be doing. By should I mean that action that is in line with the person’s soul. For my husband it’s guitar. The vibration of his soul slows and connects with this tangible object and there is nothing else. It’s a steady flow of energy through his being. Total contentment travels through him and it is not clogged or darkened by other outside things. To an Empath, it feels delicious. I so rarely have any opportunities to feel this way in my own life. I need to take serious measures to tune out the vibes of others. This inhibits me from being totally present unless I am in a deep meditative state, which can only happen when I am completely alone. Even if my boys or husband are in the house, the cords are too strong. It’s a small price to pay. 🙂

A similar thing happened the other day. My friend is a swimmer and recently we were swimming together and it was the same feeling. It has lead me to understand that a vibrational change takes place in a person when he/she is in tune with activities like this. I am intrigued by this new found realization and I have started looking for it everywhere, but it is very difficult to find. My question to you is this: do you have something in your life that does this for you? If the answer is yes, then I advise doing that thing-often. It is food and nutrients for your soul.


I am always amazed by the lack of empathy I see around me. It seems so easy for people to lose sight of what others are going through. We are so quick to judge, so quick to condemn, so quick to assume. The most fascinating part of this for me is that the same people who sometimes lack empathy in one situation can suddenly turn around and have empathy for another. This shows me two things: people are more likely to be empathetic in situations they relate to and empathy is a possibility for everyone. We just need to think. Atticus Finch in To Kill a Mockingbird said it best, “You shouldn’t judge a person until you take a minute to walk around in his shoes.” As an Empath I have little choice. To my own chagrin and often complete frustration, I am always walking in others shoes. This does not mean that I don’t judge, assume,or condemn. I am still very human, but as soon as I fall into the trap of stroking my own ego with the criticisms of others, my empathy kicks in and so does the realization that my understanding and compassion are always a choice.
I challenge you to think about that person or situation that you condemn that you criticize. Put yourself in that persons situation fully, not what YOU would do or think, try to understand the situation from that person’s perspective and eyes. You will know you are on the right track because you will have an “oh” moment. Don’t fear the guilt that may accompany this. It won’t kill you to feel momentary shame. It might remind you the next time. Empathy can become a reflex like those negative reflexes that seem so much more natural. Empathy is not a weaknesses. It’s a strength. It may also be the only way we can help each other with the weight of this world.

Understanding Your Anxiety-Perspective from an Empath

The first emotion I can feel in any person is anxiety. This is like a fog or smokiness that permeates and clouds almost every other emotion. Anxiety does not thread through a person unless he/she is just an anxious person. Anxiety in others makes my stomach clench and the hairs on my arms stand up. Sometimes I can link it to a bigger issue, but I often get caught in the fog of anxiety and that is all I can see. Anxiety is a weak emotion, but if the person gives it importance, then nothing else matters. This makes me believe that anxiety is one of those things that can be controlled or it can get very out if control. It is not a concrete emotion like love or hatred. It’s a wispy giant that people give entirely too much power. Unlike other emotions, anxiety only has power when it is able to grow and create a fog around your soul. Love, on the other hand, has power even when it is small and seems inconsequential. Hatred/resentment also plants as a tiny seed and grows with unbelievable tentacles and arms.
Think about the anxiety you have in your mind and try and banish it away. It is an easy task, though the greater the anxiety, the more difficult this may seem, but it can be done. It is not strong. You need to understand that. Your light is stronger than the mist created by your worries. Banish it away and your perception will change.


My ability as an Empath has helped as a teacher. I can handle the most difficult of students. They work for me. They respect me. They listen. I think part of this is my ability to truly understand them on many different levels.

As I’ve said before, my students love when I read their vibes. They adore being understood by someone. They are my biggest fans and my best validations. They tell me when it doesn’t make sense. They let me work through my confusion. In return, I am able to teach them as they are. My results are impressive. The school psychologist walked into one of my most difficult classes. It was packed with some of the schools biggest offenders. Four of them already had probation officers in 10th grade. They had the potential to be an unruly bunch. The school psychologist walked in and asked to sit down. He was there to observe one of my students because he was being recommended for the Emotional Support classes. After staying for 20 minutes, he asked to see me in the hall. “I know many of those kids in there,” he said. “How are you doing that?” He was commenting on my diligent class of students who were each working on individual tasks that were differentiated for their individual needs. I explained my teaching philosophy, but I left out the part about being an Empath. How could I explain that I can feel a person’s energy. I can read a person in a matter of seconds. I know how to talk to him/her. I can feel the energy of an entire class and I can adjust my teaching accordingly. I can calm angry student, turn a caustic situation into a beneficial one, care for a student who is struggling. I truly don’t know how people do this job without this ability. The results I get in terms of improving my students reading and writing is documented with various assessments and is equally impressive.

There are times that I feel like this ability is a curse. I get so overwhelmed by other people and their emotions at times. It is when I think about my students that I know that whatever this is it was given to me by a higher power to help others. I truly believe that is the job requirement for all of us.

More on My Experience

I was standing in front if her as she was starting to process my order. It was when she handed me my store card that I saw him. Broad shoulders, dark complexion, cruel eyes. He must be on her mind for me to see him so quickly and so clearly. I wanted to grab her hand and tell her that he wasn’t worth it. With his image, I also saw her pain, her confusion, her need. I’ve never been in a relationship like this, so I don’t understand what I felt. She does not love him. It’s was more like need. It felt like she needs him to be mean to her. Does this make sense to anyone? I did not expect to feel her deep level of need for his control and his love. She seemed to believe that by allowing him to do this he would love her and that is also something that she needs. The pain did not seem to phase her, but it was creating deep slashes in her light and stealing her warmth. No ones light can survive that type of treatment regardless of the reason. I wish that people knew that their souls are marked as easily as skin. It’s just not visible to everyone. I wanted so badly to talk to her, but I know that is foolish. Very, very foolish.