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More on My Experience

I was standing in front if her as she was starting to process my order. It was when she handed me my store card that I saw him. Broad shoulders, dark complexion, cruel eyes. He must be on her mind for me to see him so quickly and so clearly. I wanted to grab her hand and tell her that he wasn’t worth it. With his image, I also saw her pain, her confusion, her need. I’ve never been in a relationship like this, so I don’t understand what I felt. She does not love him. It’s was more like need. It felt like she needs him to be mean to her. Does this make sense to anyone? I did not expect to feel her deep level of need for his control and his love. She seemed to believe that by allowing him to do this he would love her and that is also something that she needs. The pain did not seem to phase her, but it was creating deep slashes in her light and stealing her warmth. No ones light can survive that type of treatment regardless of the reason. I wish that people knew that their souls are marked as easily as skin. It’s just not visible to everyone. I wanted so badly to talk to her, but I know that is foolish. Very, very foolish.

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