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My ability as an Empath has helped as a teacher. I can handle the most difficult of students. They work for me. They respect me. They listen. I think part of this is my ability to truly understand them on many different levels.

As I’ve said before, my students love when I read their vibes. They adore being understood by someone. They are my biggest fans and my best validations. They tell me when it doesn’t make sense. They let me work through my confusion. In return, I am able to teach them as they are. My results are impressive. The school psychologist walked into one of my most difficult classes. It was packed with some of the schools biggest offenders. Four of them already had probation officers in 10th grade. They had the potential to be an unruly bunch. The school psychologist walked in and asked to sit down. He was there to observe one of my students because he was being recommended for the Emotional Support classes. After staying for 20 minutes, he asked to see me in the hall. “I know many of those kids in there,” he said. “How are you doing that?” He was commenting on my diligent class of students who were each working on individual tasks that were differentiated for their individual needs. I explained my teaching philosophy, but I left out the part about being an Empath. How could I explain that I can feel a person’s energy. I can read a person in a matter of seconds. I know how to talk to him/her. I can feel the energy of an entire class and I can adjust my teaching accordingly. I can calm angry student, turn a caustic situation into a beneficial one, care for a student who is struggling. I truly don’t know how people do this job without this ability. The results I get in terms of improving my students reading and writing is documented with various assessments and is equally impressive.

There are times that I feel like this ability is a curse. I get so overwhelmed by other people and their emotions at times. It is when I think about my students that I know that whatever this is it was given to me by a higher power to help others. I truly believe that is the job requirement for all of us.

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