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Understanding Your Anxiety-Perspective from an Empath

The first emotion I can feel in any person is anxiety. This is like a fog or smokiness that permeates and clouds almost every other emotion. Anxiety does not thread through a person unless he/she is just an anxious person. Anxiety in others makes my stomach clench and the hairs on my arms stand up. Sometimes I can link it to a bigger issue, but I often get caught in the fog of anxiety and that is all I can see. Anxiety is a weak emotion, but if the person gives it importance, then nothing else matters. This makes me believe that anxiety is one of those things that can be controlled or it can get very out if control. It is not a concrete emotion like love or hatred. It’s a wispy giant that people give entirely too much power. Unlike other emotions, anxiety only has power when it is able to grow and create a fog around your soul. Love, on the other hand, has power even when it is small and seems inconsequential. Hatred/resentment also plants as a tiny seed and grows with unbelievable tentacles and arms.
Think about the anxiety you have in your mind and try and banish it away. It is an easy task, though the greater the anxiety, the more difficult this may seem, but it can be done. It is not strong. You need to understand that. Your light is stronger than the mist created by your worries. Banish it away and your perception will change.

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