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My husband is a musician and plays in a band. They played a huge show at a very popular place with some big bands. I love reading vibes when a person is doing exactly what he/she should be doing. By should I mean that action that is in line with the person’s soul. For my husband it’s guitar. The vibration of his soul slows and connects with this tangible object and there is nothing else. It’s a steady flow of energy through his being. Total contentment travels through him and it is not clogged or darkened by other outside things. To an Empath, it feels delicious. I so rarely have any opportunities to feel this way in my own life. I need to take serious measures to tune out the vibes of others. This inhibits me from being totally present unless I am in a deep meditative state, which can only happen when I am completely alone. Even if my boys or husband are in the house, the cords are too strong. It’s a small price to pay. 🙂

A similar thing happened the other day. My friend is a swimmer and recently we were swimming together and it was the same feeling. It has lead me to understand that a vibrational change takes place in a person when he/she is in tune with activities like this. I am intrigued by this new found realization and I have started looking for it everywhere, but it is very difficult to find. My question to you is this: do you have something in your life that does this for you? If the answer is yes, then I advise doing that thing-often. It is food and nutrients for your soul.

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