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So I have started meditating, and it is causing certain changes to my abilities.  People’s feelings are passing through me, but these feelings are not able to leave their residue.  I have been working on disconnecting from my own emotions through the teachings of Eckhart Tolle.  It is even easier to disconnect from the feelings of others.  I have become a passive observer as opposed to taking their feelings into the core of me.  

I have started to feel that as an Empath it is my job to love people despite their temporal coverings.  This task is made easier because of my ability to feel exactly what a person is going through, but it has also caused me to avoid people who are spiraling in their own pain.  Other people’s anxiety can be so bad for me because the emotion is so strong and useless.  It also feels very clingy.  Anxiety seeps in and I cannot avoid it.  I will feel it long after the person leaves me.  That is how strong it is. This is an emotion that I am still struggling with despite the meditation.  

I am also able to feel vibrations off of photographs.  I had a great validating experience the other day.  My friend was showing me pictures of her friends from a girls’ weekend away.  I could feel the pain and sadness of the woman in the photo.  I could feel her struggles with drug addiction.  I did not know I could do this, and I think the meditation is helping my ability to read others.

Again, I believe that this is a gift from the Universe, and I hope to continue to “read” people and help them heal.

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