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Life as an Empath- Two Years Later

I had my major awakening as an Empath two years ago.  I was always able to feel how others felt to some degree, but it was two years ago when I started to see images and videos.  I am also able to tell the future at times.  I am not always right, and I feel like this is the Universe’s way of keeping me on my toes.  I used to use this ability to manipulate others, not in a mean way, but in a way that would help me get through life.  It made me really hyper-critical of myself.  I have since found ways to temper this ability as it became stronger.  I am trying to use it to help people move through different emotional stages.

Most people don’t know I am an Empath.  When I tell them, they may or may not get it. I used to get so upset when I could feel that people did not believe me or wanted me to prove it in some way.  I have also found that when I try to “prove” my abilities in any way, they will leave me in the lurch.  My best readings are always when I least expect it.  I will be sitting at my desk and I will feel the new relationship or the sudden break up.  My least favorite question: What am I feeling right now?  I am always surprised by this question because I think it’s really crazy that other people want ME to tell them how they are feeling.  I always respond with the following: “Don’t you know what you are feeling?  Why do I need to tell you?” But that is what people want.  

The truth is that it makes me the best listener, and I like that I can be that for people because there is no better gift than your true attention when someone is telling you how he/she feels.  The cool thing that I can do is that I can feel what you feel and then tell it back to you.  It seems when I take someone else’s feeling and digest it for him, it makes easier for him to take.  Or the person gets the chance to see that someone else understands the pain and hurt.

The other day one of my students wanted me to read his vibe.  He is a quiet kid, but I am can feel an immense anger problem.  This is not something he has ever shown in my classroom.  I felt right away the emptiness of his home.  I felt his loneliness because his mother was so busy and so sad.  She felt like there was a weight on her shoulders.  I could feel how much she did not like her job.  I could see her in the kitchen.I felt how sad he was about his dad.  I told him that I could see that he tried to have some quality time with his dad, but his dad disappointed him.  I assumed that his dad rebuked his efforts.  “No,” he answered.  “We went to the movies.”  

“Hmmm, then you were disappointed because it didn’t go as you had planned.  Did he not seem to have a good time?”

My student nodded.  He was so sad even at that moment.  I wished that his dad could feel the hurt from his son the way that I did at that moment.  Maybe he would not be so quick to hide in his study.  My student is sixteen.  One might believe that he does not need his parents attention and care, but this is not true.  I tried to ease his hurt and explain that parents are just people and sometimes they make mistakes.  He nodded.  

I can’t seem to shake his sadness.  Even as I write this, I can feel the weight of the loneliness in his home.  The only thing I can do is hug my two boys and let them know I care.


3 thoughts on “Life as an Empath- Two Years Later

  1. What a beautiful and honest post about how you feel, the limitations of being an empath and the instances when your gift was used as a manipulation tactic. As I read the part about your student and his sadness, as well as your ability to feel it so profoundly, I could feel the sadness in my own being as well. Thank you for sharing these insights and “reports” of your process of bringing this gift within you to true brillance, in service to the Whole. Blessings, Alia

    • Thank you so much, Alia. I sometimes really struggle with all of this, but writing about it has been so helpful. It also helps when people understand and appreciate those insights. I truly believe that my insights were given to me so that I could help people. 🙂 Sincerely, Cecelia

      • Yes, most of our gifts are given to us to “give away” aren’t they? How sad that we are encouraged to hoard them for ourselves. Much more fun to share the wealth ♥

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