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Love for an Empath

I can feel the love between two people. I can feel a mother’s love for her child. I can feel when someone is in love with me. I can feel when someone is not. It makes for a very complicated life. People are a series of layers, and I have to dig relatively deep for love. Crushes and even those sexual desires are easy to feel, but that true line of love that runs through a person takes a bit of focus on my part. If I have developed feelings for someone, I drive myself crazy checking up on him or her. I am elated when I feel something. I am depressed when I do not. The reality is that even the deepest love is not always accessible to the Empath. Sometimes it is buried so deeply in people that I can’t feel it. I really do believe that real love does not die because it would be like uprooting a solid oak from a person’s being.

So what happens when I am in love. Well, there is one man I am in love with and I could feel his soul through his chest. That is the only way I can describe it. I had such a connection with him, and if I put my hand on his chest, I felt light. How do you feel light, you ask? It feels like what a lightbulb looks like. In my hand I feel uncensored light and it flows through my hand and down my arm into the pit of my stomach. Strange, right? I could feel his love for me. I can still feel it even though we are not together. It is a long, painful story. Despite all of my abilities, I could not get a handle on that situation. I think there is a good chance it made it worse.

I am still not sure how it works or why it works, but when I focus on someone, I can feel through them. The energy creates layers, and I can push my thoughts through these layers and get visual images as well as emotions that surround them. I can see parents and relatives and relationships. I can feel these people through the person I am reading. Love forms a sold strip through a person. The deeper the strip runs, the more love the person feels. At least I think it is that way. I cannot always understand what I read off of a person. Something may not make any sense to me, but I voice it and it makes total sense to the people. Sometimes I see things and they just make no sense at all. Every time I look at my fried at work I see the word APPLIANCES in dark blue capital letters on a white background. I have no idea why. She has no idea why. When I looked at this one student in my class, I saw a little white puppy. I asked her if she had a little, white puppy, and she said no. For Christmas, her parents surprised her with a little, white puppy. Go figure. Is that validation or coincidence? I am not entirely sure. The only thing I do know is that I feel people. This is not something that can be disputed. I feel them everywhere.

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