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Love, Desire, Anger, Hate- Emotions and the Empath

Most-pretty-white-and-purple-flowersAfter addressing love, I thought I would create the juxtaposition with hatred.  First, I’ll address desire. The partner to love is often desire.  Desire is a bubbly, surface emotion that has a very short shelf life.  It is a quick hard-hitting emotion that often hits me in the stomach when I feel it on someone else.  Desire, as another’s emotion, blindsided me.  I often find my own thought forms in the mix.  “Really?  You are turned on by that?”  When someone desires me, it is intoxicating.  As a woman, I can feed into a man’s sexual desire for me.  I have literally felt like what it feels like to desire myself.  It’s pretty crazy.  I have literally turned myself on.  On the flip side, if a person is just not that into the moment, I can feel that too, and there is no going past it.  My own ego will often get in the way and I halt the proceedings.  Well, if You are just not that into me…but I digress.

Anger is the partner of hatred.  Like love and desire, they do not have to go hand in hand, but the most powerful hatred is always backed by anger.  Anger is fleeting and can blow up one moment and be completely cleared the next.  Anger by itself is a weak emotion.  When it is paired with a deep-seated hatred, it is toxic and destructive.  Hatred is like love.  I can feel it running through a person.  It is a thick, dark strip.  Unlike love that feels like solid light, hatred is dark.  It darkens everything around it.  It also grows roots and creates a permanent housing in the core of you.  It will then use anger to feed itself.  It does not even have to be anything that is joined to the original events or person that formed the hatred.  It will feed on anything.  Hatred feels unmovable and hard.  It gets stronger and more entrenched with each angry, hurtful incident. It makes the person have this deluded sense of power and strength. It feels true to them, and my logical mind has to counter with the idea that it is just not true.
A woman in my department has a deep hatred for men that has been built and strengthened over many years. She uses anger to feed it constantly and she truly believes that this anger motivates her to do her best. She says she is motivated by anger to make positive changes in her life and it works for her. The energy created by this feels awful to an Empath and she is difficult to be around. The hatred feels like a mountain of stone that sits in the core of her. The anger buzzes around it like larger-than-life birds. These are the visual images I get when I am around her. She is so entrenched that even when I try to suggest letting go of her anger, she reacts and the birds collectively charge. “No,” she says. “It helps me. It makes me stronger.” But none of this is true. She believes it. It is not a lie for her.
Do not try and see how much hatred you have inside of you with your head. Place your attention to the core of you. You will feel it stop you. It will try and convince you that it must be there. It is a part of you, but this is not true. It only stops love. Love can replace it.

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