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A Man’s Transgression and the Wandering Empath

I always feel things that I cannot say.  It’s one of the most frustrating parts of my gift, but my spiritual adviser was just telling me yesterday that I cannot and should not say everything I feel.  It is a waste of my talents and gifts and some people are just not ready for it.  

Today my boys and I were at the Kid’s Kut.  As my youngest son was getting his hair cut, a young couple walked in with their toddler son.  The wife was overwhelmed. As always, my heart feels for women who are overwhelmed with the weight of motherhood.  It is a feeling that I completely relate with.  Her husband looked like a nice enough guy, but I could feel his “other woman.”  She texted him and she was in his pocket as he stood there with his wife and child.  No judgment, but within minutes I saw the outline of his emotional affair with a woman he met on the Internet.  He was so lonely.  This woman was so willing.  I wanted to pull the wife aside and warn her.  It was not that I wanted to get the man in trouble.  He felt like a good guy who was quickly getting wrapped up in a situation that was becoming larger than him.  I just wanted to hug her and tell her to really look at her husband.  It is amazing how alone two married people can feel in the same relationship.  If they could just turn and look at the other, perhaps things could be averted.

After the haircut, I took my boys to the Five and Below store.  As we were walking back to the car to head home, I saw the woman walking again with her young son.  Her husband was nowhere to be found.  It took every bone in my body to keep walking.  I didn’t say anything. It was right to not say anything.  Right? 

4 thoughts on “A Man’s Transgression and the Wandering Empath

  1. You eventually realize that that is their journey, hard as it is, to eventually create the beauty and understanding within for themselves. For you it is in learning the integrity to ‘know’ when something is being put to you, to involve yourself so that you help create an outcome based on your integrity. Don’t worry, you’ll know, as it is almost dropped in your lap and becomes unavoidable. Just use the love and integrity within and you can’t go wrong. Like you, I would love to heal the world with the understanding that we have, but at what cost. They would then never go down that path of fear and pain, to reach that understanding within, and finally reach that place of unconditional love. It is in seeing and going through those hard times that give us much empathy and understanding so that we come away from that journey with much more consideration for others and the wisdom that we then share. It is a big lesson to not become entangled with the woes of the world around you, as it can become a load. But that is there for you, to understand that part of your gift so that you keep yourself in a good heart space, then give to others from that place. Good luck on your journey, may it be with that peace and understanding within. Namaste

    • Thank you so much for your beautiful response. I have really enjoyed your insights into my posts. It is helping much with my own journey. You are sweet and kind for thinking so much about my musings. 🙂

      • For me it has been a long journey to find that integrity within, not take on the worlds troubles and find that truth that is my path. Like everyone else, we just need to keep our balance while removing our own fears to gain that understanding of the unconditional love within. Once we remove those walls of fear, then we can ‘see’ clearly and begin to realize that even though we see so much pain, it has great purpose, and done with the most incredible love, so that we may come through our journey and realize the beauty within that has always been there, but just needed to be found again. I suppose I’m relating to how your going through life at the moment and I feel if I can give a little understanding of the journey, it may help your path, even if only to confirm what you may already know. Having a gift can sometimes feel a burden, but the wisdom gained, even though it is shared, is truly for you. May you find the wisdom of that love within. Namaste

      • Yes, that is a large part of why I started this blog in the first place. I let it go for a bit, but I started it again recently. This entire experience has been extremely beneficial.

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