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The Musings of an Empath on the Beach

Children are the most amazing humans.  Yesterday on the beach, this little baby in her adorable pink bikini came waddling up to me.  I am not sure if it’s because I am an Empath or just really amazed by children in generally, but kids usually really dig me.  The weirder thing is that I don’t talk to them like babies or children, and they keep coming back for more.  Many Empaths say that they find more of a connection with animals, but that is not true of me.  I draw in people.  Everywhere I go there is always someone who talks to me.  I like it best when the person is a kid.  So I am sitting on the beach with this little lady, and I can’t help but perceive the relationship between her parents.  Her mother is so unhappy.  I get it.  I was there once.  She is not unhappy with anything in particular. It is more of an everything.  She is a beautiful woman with a very attractive husband.  Her husband is a bit happier than she is, but he feels her discontent and tries to help but primarily he ignores it.  What else can he do?

So many women are unhappy.  Again, I get it.  I was there.  I was constantly searching for another life that “should” be mine.  I was always wanting, always dissatisfied by the reality that was right in front of me.  I tried getting married, having children, building my career and education.  Nothing worked.  It was not until I stopped and accepted exactly what is that I started to dig out of my pit.  It was a pit that I built all by myself.  Boy, you can imagine my wake up call when I realized that my ex wasn’t put in this world to make me happy.  Or my children?  Or my parents?  Or my past?  How often I blamed my past for all of my unhappiness…The reality is that none of those things should have the responsibility to make me feel anything.  As an Empath, it has always been extremely easy for me to get wrapped up in the wants and desires of everyone around me.  Then I wanted to get wrapped up in the wants and desires that are all my own.  Now I just try to be present.  I return to nature.  I do things that help me feel grounded and rooted to what is happening at this present moment.

After my experience on the beach, my mind was still preoccupied with the unhappy mom of the amazing little girl in pink.  I stopped myself mid-thought and looked at what was directly in front of me.  The scene that greeted me was my two smiling boys on a fixed motorcycle as it rode up and down on a stationary ride.  My older son smiled and waved as he rode by.  My younger one followed suit as the ride took them out of my field of vision.  By the time they rode back around, my heart was filled with so much joy and love.  It was a pure contentment that I am just beginning to know and it is beautiful.

2 thoughts on “The Musings of an Empath on the Beach

  1. Great write up and I “get” it too but for some reason I’ve never let the fact that I don’t have my “own” life now with children get in the way of my happiness. You adjust your life to make your own happiness and it’s sad how many people do not “get” that. My new life is more than satisfying because it’s a choice!!

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