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Swimming and the Empath

Nothing goes better than 5:30 am and a morning swim.  Unfortunately, now that school is over, I must swim at my local YMCA, but it is better than nothing.  Today I was able to have a lane all to myself and a half an hour.  

Water is both cleansing and and a conductor.  It is able to wash through me and wipe away so much residual emotion.  As an Empath, I am always picking up other people’s stuff.  Maybe it’s the disgruntled store clerk who just found out her boyfriend was cheating, or the stressed out business man who never feels like he has enough money for his wife.  It doesn’t matter.  These complete strangers unknowingly tell me their secrets everyday, but the pool washes it all away.

If you saw the pool at the YMCA, you would be startled that such an ugly pool could have such a cathartic effect.  The area around the pool has very grey walls and the white walls of the pool itself have yellowed and cracked a bit.  It’s not the Hilton, but it will do for now.  I am a bit of a pool snob.  I like swimming in outdoor pools or the ocean much more than an indoor pool, but I will take what I can get.  

In addition to being a cleanser, a pool, as well as the ocean, is an excellent conductor.  If I really wanted to, I could feel very clearly every single person in the pool.  It takes a bit of concentration and no way of getting an validation, so I generally avoid the process.  Today I was next to a single, older man who was generally quite happy with his life, so I was okay with my lane.  My favorite person was there also.  She is about seventy years old, and she is the most amazing thing.  She literally has a light that radiates from her.  She must be one of the purest people I have ever been around.  She is usually there with the 5:30 am crowd and she wears an adorable white cap with a chin strap and large white daisies on top.  Each of the daisies has its own yellow center.  She floats around in the middle part of the pool where the lanes end.  She doesn’t really seem to talk to any of the other older woman around her, but I get so enraptured when I see her, I lose focus.  It’s also strange because this type of light that I feel from her is usually reserved for children, but I try not to question it too much.  She’s too beautiful.

So that was my transformative morning.  I am refreshed.   

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