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Star Trek and the Empath

It is another Monday morning and I am still single.  If you’re an Empath, what are your dating options?

A friend of mine recommended Spock from Star Trek.  She amusingly thinks that his lack of emotion could make up for my over-sensitivity and we could make an amazing couple.  Is this true?  As a highly sensitive person, what do I do when I can feel every peak and valley of emotion in my significant other and I am trying to build a relationship with that person?  Do I tell him right away or do I wait and let him realize that I could feel every nook and cranny of his emotional-self even when he is miles away?  This leads me to believe that this fictitious man will go running and screaming within minutes.  Adults, in general, seem pretty freaked out by my ability to see inside their heads.  The funniest part is that so many people believe they have so much to hide, but it all just feels the same to me.  The deep, dark things that people think are so unique to them are really everywhere. They have this fear that I will see something and judge them, not realizing that the fact that I see it in everyone makes the sensation common.  Kind of like how embarrassed women are when they have to go to the gyno.  It’s difficult at first, until you realize that you aren’t showing them something they haven’t seen.  Yes, I have just compared my abilities to a gynecological exam.

So perhaps Spock is my best bet, though I think I will have to adjust to the ears.  I have to admit that the prospect of a man who has no emotional imprint is fun to imagine, but impossible to acquire.  No, I am surrounded by very human men, who are all equally entitled to their various emotional highs and lows.

3 thoughts on “Star Trek and the Empath

  1. No Spock for me, be careful of praising a man without emotions you will end up with a disordered sociopath or insert any title here that describes a person without empathy. There is no intimacy with Spock.

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