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Empath: Wandering Out of the Closet

When you have some weird ability, there sometimes is a need to hide it.  I have spent a large portion of my life hiding my abilities from others and not developing it.  This was all done out of fear.  I was afraid people would think I was crazy.  I was afraid that I would lose the respect of my friends and colleagues and family.  It was easier to just stay quiet.  

And what’s my ability?  Empathy.  I feel that when people can talk to the dead, they get their own shows, but the other psychic abilities are not as well known or understood.  

Yeah, yeah, all women like to hold their little tarot card reading tea parties, but when it comes accepting a person with these abilities into their midst, it is sometimes met with trepidation.  

The other issue is that people want proof.  When you have these gifts, people expect that you will always be correct, and if you are a budding psychic, you do not always interpret things the way they are intended.  I also found that the Universe gets a good laugh if I ever try to use my abilities to prove to others that I can do this.  My best and most effective readings are always done for people who come to me for help or even just accidentally.  

It also seems that many do not feel very comfortable around me when they learn that I can do this.  It seems like a weird push/pull.  They want me to know them completely, but they are so frightened of what I can see.  They feel drawn to me, but their mind warns them that I many know too much.  

If you are an Empath and you are not engaging with your abilities, you need to stop and think about why that is.  It is a powerful and beautiful thing that you can do.  It is necessary if this world is ever going to heal.

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