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Doubt and the Empath

There are times when I know that my ability to see and know things exists.  It exists inside of me beyond any reasonable doubt.  It is usually after I feel something that is validated by another, and I know that all of this is very real.

Other times I feel something and it is not validated.  I am wrong or I just don’t feel anything when it seems like I should.  These are the times that I wonder if I am just imagining all of this.  Especially if I am wrong, and I feel like the person is looking me and doubting.  It magnifies the doubt in myself.

Recently I started really reading up on the topic, and I realized that being right and being wrong is just a part of the process.  The validation gives me the courage to proceed and continue to voice what I see.  I try to be gentle with myself because I learned the harder I push, the more anxiety I create, and then I go into my head.  When my head gets involved, I am always wrong.  It is teaching me to trust my instincts and trust that I cannot and should not “know” everything.  It is a powerful and humbling experience, but it is one that I want to go through.

If you are like me, and you feel like you just know things, but you don’t trust yourself, let that go.  Let go of your doubt.  You will still be wrong sometimes, but those times that you are right will make all of the difference. 

2 thoughts on “Doubt and the Empath

  1. And gradually you realise that in believing in yourself, you are doing the one thing that makes it all come together…and that is to love yourself for exactly who you are within. Releasing all those doubts, all that negativity and the fears that we carry with us in our lives, finally brings us to that total acceptance of self…and the unconditional love that is patiently waiting until we do have that faith with ourselves. Great post Wandering Empath, the doubts are a part of your learning, so when you build more belief of yourself, more ‘truths’, ‘encounters’ and ‘events’ confirm that beautiful path that you are on. Enjoy your journey. Namaste

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