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Difficult Day


I am not having a good day.  It’s not terrible.  I just feel like I am covered in this negative energy.  Things are not working out. I feel frustrated and irritated.

I feel upset that things are not happening the way that I want them to happen.  I want to have a temper tantrum.  I wish I could throw myself on the floor like my three-year-old and kick until these feelings go away.

In my head, I feel like people are annoying and disappointing and situations just want to work against me.  Though these spirals are much more rare nowadays, I still get tied up in them.

I have tried all of my tried-and-true ways for lifting this rut.  None of them are working.  I guess I just have to bear it.  The path leads through it, but this is just so uncomfortable.  I can’t even really blame this on anyone else.  I think this negativity is mine, but I am not sure.  My younger brother just went through a really bad breakup and was sitting to my left at dinner last night.  I may have absorbed some of his energy.  I don’t always know when it is someone else’s.



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