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Spiritual Elitism and the Empath

I think my spiritual adviser may be an elitist.  Don’t get me wrong.  She’s great.  My adviser is a little over sixty years old and looks like she’s in her forties.  She has a calming voice and a strong and sturdy disposition.  My abilities makes it difficult to find a good therapist because I start to get too wrapped up in their feelings and emotions.  I make it more about analyzing them, but my adviser has a great vibe to her.  She is clear and unfettered and it makes it easier for me to focus on me.  

She has been extremely helpful over the last year.  She has helped me through some bumps and bruises with the Empath stuff, and she has been infinitesimally beneficial with helping me through my divorce.  It’s just something she said the last time we met.

I was talking about my spirit guides, and as soon as I mentioned that I consulted them, I felt the wariness.

“Hmmm,” she said.   “You have to be careful with that.”

“Oh?” I said.  

“You’re so sensitive that you could just be tapping into the lower astral planes and you want your vibration to be much higher than that.  Just tap into your soul’s energy on the highest plane possible.  You don’t want to get caught up with spirits in the lower planes.  They just like to cause trouble.”

“Well, how do I know if they are just coming from that part of the astral plane and not from some higher plane?”  Now I was feeling very confused.  Something I was so sure of suddenly felt rocky.  I had conversations in my mind with my spirit guide.  He appeared to me during one of my meditations.

“You’ll hear words,” she said.  “If you hear words, then it’s from the lower astral planes.”

I didn’t take it any further, but I pretended to get it.  I still don’t get it.

“The people who use their abilities to communicate with loved ones are accessing the baser astral planes.  You want to go much higher than that.  You should not try and contact the dead.  There is no real resolve there for people.  It shouldn’t be necessary.” 

“Oh,” I answered.

“You are a really strong Empath. You need to be careful and make sure you are only ever dealing with the highest vibrations.”

“Oh,” I answered again.

I didn’t really fully digest this conversation until later, but I just don’t view it that way.  I respect my teacher.  She has given me really valuable insights, and I truly don’t want to question her knowledge. I can feel how centered and capable she is, but now I am a bit confused.  

Do people hear actual words as if they are real sounds?  I hear words in my head, but they are more like images, and they seem to be in a nondescript voice.  It feels more like a thought form really.  

I also never really thought about the astral plane or any other plane as being more of a slum than a place of knowledge.  Are the lower astral planes like going Wildwood as opposed to the Hamptons?  They’re both the beach, but one is much more exclusive. And if I’ve never even been to the beach before, does it really matter where I start?  Is this the way it works on a spiritual level too?  Don’t I have to work my way up?

Overall, I will have to talk more with her about this, but maybe I want to slum it in the lower astral planes for awhile.  

2 thoughts on “Spiritual Elitism and the Empath

  1. Oh dear, your questioning is correct ! time to rely on your own intuition. Trust your own psychic strength to channel the teachers you need. Spirit speaks to us through telepathy, no words are spoken. You are correct in your article.

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