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Day ??? of Feeling Not So Stellar

I am really in a terrible mood. I went from bad to worse, and I can’t seem to get back on track.  The worst part is that I am not sure why.

I have tried all of my usual remedies to no avail.  I’m reading, running, swimming, meditating, biking, etc, and each one gives a brief respite, but it just keeps coming back to this.

This funkiness is pervasive and heavy.  I am rethinking every major decision I’ve made in the past three years.  I am wondering how I got to this place.  Why do I suddenly feel so trapped again?

It is only the middle of summer. I have so many more days left to spend with my boys, and I don’t want to ruin it.  This is what I do. I am so much better at understanding other people’s emotions, but when it comes to my own, I just can’t wrap my mind around it.

I just need to have faith that the answer will arrive.  Maybe it will be here in a Tiffany blue box with a pretty bow.  Wishful thinking…

4 thoughts on “Day ??? of Feeling Not So Stellar

  1. Not sure how old your boys are but I would take a day and go volunteer at a food pantry or homeless meals place. You can visit the elderly at a nursing home taking the kids with you, buy a few dollar store items such as socks or toiletries and drop it off at a Ronald McDonald house (house for people with sick children) or at a homeless shelter. Pick up a few bags of dog food and call your local rescue to donate it. Sometimes your soul just needs to feel useful and it puts your mind at rest. Just a few ideas

  2. try not fighting it – just reflect back into yourslf and be ok with feeling of bad mood all yourself to feel it in your body as you do this and take action from that placee. we all have them, and they always pass. you will find that in accpting your bad mood with out even knowing it you will have moved out of it with in 5 mins 🙂 that’s it – thats all you have to do 🙂

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