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And I am back…

It has been awhile since I posted to my blog.  I was unsure how long I could go without saying something.  School began and took over my life in that whirlwind kind of way that only my job can.  I only started to think about it again when one of my very close friends pulled one of my older posts from her three-ring binder.

“I was just reading this,”she said. I have to be honest.  I didn’t even recognize it.  I picked up the printout of my post and I squinted at the words.

“Oh, yes,” I nodded.  “I remember.”

So much has happened in the last few months.  So much has changed and so much has remained the same.  I have started to develop a very deep friendship with two of my coworkers.  We have worked together for years, but we’ve recently found a common interest in those things that exist just outside of the realm of possibility.  They have become strong supporters of my abilities.  It has helped to lessen the weirdness factor for me.  I feel like we are forming that triad of the three women in the three of cups card.  It has been beautifully enlightening.

In school, I think I am fully out of the closet.  It seems as if every student now knows that I can “read minds”.  Many of the adults who know come to me with their issues, looking for advice.  It’s been reaffirming.  I can still do the same types of things.  I haven’t any more powerful shifts in my abilities.  My powers, one student calls them.

“It’s not like I am a superhero,” I say as I laugh.

“Yes,” he nods seriously, “you are.”  And as much as I may want that to be true, I remain very much an average woman who just happens to know more about people than maybe I should.  It certainly hasn’t helped with my love life.  I am still single.  I want to believe that is by choice.  Things are just too complicated for me to be in a relationship with anyone right now.  What do I have to offer them other than a bit of insight into their own souls and perhaps some voodoo magic? As Michelle calls it.  Previous guy who I liked has conveniently moved on to another married woman.  The pain of realizing that I was just someone he could hang on to at the time lingers with me still.  I am not sure when that will heal entirely.  It’s been a slow process.

So I will write again because I have had some unique wandering empath experiences that I think are worth talking about.  Plus, I have been working on writing a story about a teenage empath and feedback from others may help to get me writing again.  I think it’s a story that needs to be told.

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