Love and the Empath

Love seems like such an elusive thing to so many.  I counted myself among those who chased love for most of my life.  As an Empath, I can feel love in everyone around me.  It radiates through people at different times, and if I focus on them long enough, I can feel it coursing through them in some capacity.  Perhaps it is a love for a child or love for a spouse or even love for a drug or possession.  But if I search and focus long enough, I can feel this distinguished bit.  It is like a warm light that is in the center of us.  It is what keeps me from being angry and negative with those around me.  It keeps me from repeating the words of one of my coworkers who repeatedly says, “I hate people.”  I am emotionally unable to truly hate people.  I’ve read that so many Empaths become recluses.  They stow away from others because they cannot deal with their emotions, but it does not have to be that way.  You can search below the conditioned emotions and feel the true source of life and know why you are so blessed to be able to do this.  It is an incredible gift.  My conditioned self, and by this I mean the myriad of immediate emotional responses I have to any given situation, will react and will often want to hide, but with a bit of quiet self-reflection, I can pull into myself and find grounding.

I advise this for everyone.  Look at others and see the light and love.  If you are an Empath and struggle with the ability to see and feel the emotions of others, have strength and know that there is so much more.  I, too, struggle and have struggled, but the light from others is bright and warm, you just need to open up to receive it.