Single Mom Life: Gratitude

Gratitude: the act of giving thanks; the act of being grateful.

I am focusing on gratitude.  Two weeks ago, I started a “Gratitude Journal.”  I read an article that even spending a few minutes a day writing down a few things you are grateful for will start to change you.  It will cause you to look at your world in a new way.

The first day was a bit tough.  I was in a bad place. It is the place I go when things are starting to feel wrong and bad: my body, my job, my life.  This feels like a black spiraling hole, and I hate it there.  The guilt and frustration start to mount and I can barely stand to get a shower and change my clothes because I will see my naked body and the shame will spiral even further.

Through meditation and stillness I have started to recognize these times. I know now that all of those thoughts are not true.  They pass into my life like a deep fog and then lift just as suddenly, and I return to my “normal” state again.  As I was on my mat, it came to me to start a gratitude journal.  This is not a new idea.  Oprah suggests it.  Gabrielle Bernstein suggests it.  I think even People magazine has done an article or two on the benefits of a gratitude journal.

Here was day 1:

I am thankful I have legs.

I am thankful for my boys

I am thankful for my relationship with my BF.

Without judgment, I left it at that.  The next day I recorded the things I was grateful for, but this time the list was longer.  Since my new intention was to focus on gratitude, I started seeing things I was grateful for during the course of the day.  My list was getting longer and longer, and I gave myself complete permission to write the same things down every day.

Today I am grateful for the following:

I am grateful for the sun I see rising outside of my window.

I am grateful for my loving parents who showed up last night to take the boys and me to an amazing meal.

I am grateful that you are reading this.

I am grateful for the Christmas music that is filling my kitchen as well as my mind with the sugar plum fairies and tinsel elves that are ushering in this holiday season.

There are more things, but I think I will stop there for today for I feel the abundance deep in my heart and all is right in the world.