On Being an Empath

The life of an Empath is an interesting one.  This gift comes with so many jagged edges.  These edges catch and sometimes I feel like I am a conduit for light and love. I feel the sensations down and up my left arm and I know I have hit a vein in the person I am reading.  I am filled with their energy.

Then there are times that the self-doubt creeps in and I am shaken, but I am done doubting this.

Today, I stood next to a young man and I could feel his angst. He disliked authority. He only gives respect when he thinks that an adult has earned it.  I asked him about it and he nodded.  I could feel his intense desire to help people, to help animals. I could feel his goodness that was often dampened by his immaturity.  He is a good human. His vibe coursed through my body and for those few moments I feel an energy that is not mine. These moments cause my students to feel understood. Some are freaked out for a moment, but they all want me to “read” them.

close up of leaf
Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

I know I need to be careful because their energy often stays with me long after I walk away.  It coats my insides.  When I feel their love and happiness, I am lighter. When I feel their sadness and anger, I am often heavier for at least a day.  My rituals help. They clear my energy and restore me to myself.  Some vibes stay with me for longer: the feeling of a mother who feels responsible for her son’s illness, a boy who loves his little brother so much and is trying to keep him safe, a young woman who is in love with her best friend.

I believe that the Universe has gifted me with these emotions so that I can help others understand and heal.  It is a privilege that I would not change for all the world.