Fortuitous Friday

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Ah…alliteration. It was not easy to come up with an “F” word that could carry me through this last day of the work week.  There were a few words that start with “F” for today, but I wanted to remain positive. I finally settled on this one.

The definition of fortuitous is “happening by a lucky chance; fortunate.” This could be the perspective of all of the fortunate things that have happened to me throughout my life OR I could view it as a chance to keep my eyes open for all of the lucky chances that happen today.

The second one really appeals to me, though I have not identified anything particularly fortuitous yet, I am certain that if I remain diligent and patient, something will appear.

Imagine that…it is exciting to be at the start of this Friday with the intention of seeing something that happens by providence.  It gives me an energy and joy that I was not feeling before I decided to look for these things.  For the first time today (and I have been up since 4:45), this day has more lightness.  What will these timely events be, I wonder.

Either way, I think it is important to go through not only a time of gratitude for the little and big things that have happened and are also in the process of happening, but to also to be aware of those amazing moments that are passing before me each day.

Love and Light, my friends!

Happy Fortuitous Friday!

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