Gender Differences: An Empath’s Perspective

It’s been about ten years that I have been reading people and feeling their feelings.  I’ve felt the pain of losing a child, the fear of losing the ability to hear, and the happiness of a new love.  It has all taught me so many things.

It feels like women and men do have the same emotions: sadness, anger, love, happiness, but men and women feel differently when I read them.

How do I explain this?  I actually am not entirely sure why men and women feel so different.

Let me explain.  When I read women, there are so many layers.  Women’s feelings tend to feel jumbled and difficult to read at times.  There is also anger, but women temper that anger is ways that feel stifling and numbing. I often feel like I have to sift through layers to get to “real” emotions. Many times women are equipped with this facade that is so convincing that I doubt what I am reading. What they show on the outside is so divergent from what I am feeling, I can’t wrap my mind around it. Sometimes they try to deny it, but more often than not, they soften to what they know is true.  Since I really feel as if I am just mirroring back their emotions, they realize that they were not facing the truth.   Women try and use harshness to build up a wall against tough emotions to appear strong, but they end of weakening themselves by creating so many masks.  Women often end up feeling like they have more to lose by being themselves and showing their feelings.

On the other hand, I have felt the deepest sense of love and light from women.  They are warm and glowing and the strongest sense of kindness radiates from within.  They are a source of this life energy that I have not felt in men, ever.  Don’t get me wrong, I can also feel a good man, but it feels differently.  A good man feels good because he is doing the right thing, and he makes good choices, and often he does not even consider any other course of action, but I do not feel the same depth of love, compassion, and caring that I feel in women.

Men feel less fake overall. They feel less tumultuous.  I have felt very few men who feel like they have created an intricate facade.  I have met men who are selfish and self-righteous and arrogant, but I often feel like that they believe very deeply the ideas that cause them to behave that way.  These things do not cover up deeper feelings of self-worth.  When I have felt the depths of a man’s love for his wife and children, each time it comes with a sentry of sorts.  Men’s love always pairs with a feeling that it needs to be protected.  Men’s feelings are simple and clearly compartmentalized. They are often able to completely shut down their emotions in a way women pretend but are unable to do.

Let me be very clear, both genders feel love, anger, hatred, etc.  Those things do not vary with gender.  There is no emotion I’ve felt on a woman that I have not felt on a man.  Those feelings feel exactly the same in both men and women.  My observations are the nuances in those feelings, the depth that they are felt and the consistency or inconsistency of those emotions.  There are certainly exceptions to every rule, but these have been my anecdotal findings.

Love and Light, my dears. Love and Light!