Another Reading and the Empath

I really enjoy reading people. I like to have their feelings coursing through me like an electrified metal. It is a weird mix of pleasure and pain. My shoulder feels like it is catching fire and my left arm heats up with such intensity. I can also feel it in my eyes. I feel like I am looking through the physical seeing something from my stomach as opposed to my eyes.

When I read people, I can feel their moment of realizing that I am tapping into them, and this gives me chills. They travel through my whole body. I feel the ticker tape of words and images, but I have recently taken to giving advice for how to affect these feelings in the people I read.

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Today I did a reading for someone who has tried repeatedly to separate from her former self. Something happened when she was six or seven. I could feel it on her. I could also feel her desire to leave the past in the past, but the pain that took place when she was younger was just staying stagnant. As I was reading her, I realized that she did not feel like she could let that little girl go because she felt like she was abandoning her also.

When we feel pain so strongly and for so long, we often lose sight of how to ever let that pain go. It becomes such a part of us that leaving it behind feels too much like leaving a part of us behind, and many of us cannot handle another loss. But those old selves are not us now, and they can be left behind. A simple meditation where you visualize that younger self and thank them for their time, but now it is time to go, is the best thing you can do for yourself now. Letting the pain go frees you. You are not losing you. The pain caused by trauma is not truly a part of you. You are you and the energy coursing through you is love. Pain is separate from that, and once you’ve made peace with that, you will feel like a weight has been lifted.

Love and Light, my friends.