Judgment Detox & the Empath

In between reading Judgment Detox by Gabrielle Bernstein, I am watching Love is Bind. This is a show on Netflix that examines what happens when people are unable to see a person, but they establish an emotional connection. Race, appearance, age are of little consequence as these 20/30 somethings try to find love. Everyday the meet each other in pods to discuss their feelings through a thin, opaque blue door. At the end of there daily discussions, they decide if they want to get engaged. After they agree that they will get engaged, they are finally able to see each other, and the final proposal is made. But this social experiment has second and third step. The second step is that they are whisked away for a tropical vacation to spend time together and see if their emotional connection can have a physical one. They still do not have access to friends, family, a phone or tv, and they must be totally saturated with each other. It’s an interesting show and probably not the best show to watch if I am trying to detox from judgment.

Also, as an Empath that can feel other people’s emotions, I get so wrapped up in shows about “love” and people falling in “love”. I am amazing at predicting how things are going to workout, and I am disgusted when the vibe I feel is completely different than the facade that has been created by the participant. It is a deliciously divergent feeling. Judgments galore, my friends. Judgments galore. As an Empath, I am constantly judging relationships and love between two people. So what do I do with this. Well, Bernstein gives me a first step to really look at this judgment:

This was such an important first step for me. Here I am, assuming self-righteously that as an Empath I just find it egregious when someone is not true to himself or herself when it comes to love, but the reality is that it is all about me. This judgment crops up when my ego about my decisions comes into play. It feels good to quietly judge others and sit on my laurels of now being in a healthy and loving relationship, but the bottom line is that is my choice and my life. Their choices and their lives are for them.

I guess it just really gives me something to think about. Overall, I am really enjoying this process, and I am looking forward to the advice Bernstein has as this process continues.

Love and Light, All!