Social Distancing & the Empath

We are in Day 4 of social distancing. Many Empaths always try to limit their exposure to other humans. I am quite the opposite. As an Empath, I love being around other humans. I enjoy the different energies people bring to a room. For the most part, people feel good to me, and when they feel sad or anxiety, I usually go into “helping” mode which also helps me feel good. It is a win/win.

But recently, the feelings of others has been overpower and overwhelming. I have had to up my usual energy cleaning activities. My meditation practice has been longer and deeper than usual. Being silent has always been a welcome respite, but now it seems to have become more necessary than usual.

In my search for relaxation techniques, I recently learned of a really cool method that has helped my son with his anxiety during this time. He is an introvert, so this time of social distancing is right up his alley, but he is still really struggling. It’s called the 5-4-3-2-1 method. I will post the Instagram posting where I learned this below, but I am posting my practice here if you need it. I always believe in giving credit where credit is due, so Elizabeth Gilbert’s post can be accessed below as well. This is great when you are feeling disconnected from your body and you need some grounding.

First, you need to sit quietly in your current setting. Look around you.

Find 5 things you can see and verbally describe them (or say it in your head if you are around others and you don’t want them to know what you are doing).

Example: One- I can see my son typing on his computer. Two- I can see my puppy laying on the seat next to me. Three- I can see my coffee mug with the word “Balance.” written on it. Four- I can see my clock with the blinking time on the corner. Five- I can see my book The Body Keeps Score.

Honestly, as soon as I get through these first five, I can start to feel a calmness.

Next, I will focus on 4 things I can hear. One- I can hear Queen singing though the Alexa speakers. Two- I can hear my older son yawning as he continues to count down the minutes of our “school” activities. Three- I can hear my son asking me to spell another word as he works on his writing assignment.

It’s getting a bit difficult, which feels oddly good. Four-I can hear my own keys typing away at this post.

And now, I am going to focus on 3 things I can smell. One- the lingering smell of breakfast. Two- the lotion I put on after my shower. (This is really getting tough) Three- I can smell my coffee in my mug on the table.

We are almost done and the exercise is already causing a small release of tension in my shoulders and in my chest. I can feel and notice my breathing as I sit and type. I feel calmer overall.

One the next to last thing is focusing on 2 things I can feel. One- I can feel the coldness in my fingers as I type. Two- I can feel the pressing of the keys on my finger tips and nails.

Finally, 1 thing I can taste…One- I can taste the coffee I drank earlier in my mouth.

Then we end…

Love and Light, my friends!