Question of the Day: “What happens when you are healed by a Shaman?”

A shaman is defined as a spiritual healer. Often a member of a tribal community, a shaman uses divination and various healing practices. One seeks a shaman as an opportunity to heal physical as well as spiritual hurts. This could be in this lifetime or another. Recently, I was blessed with an opportunity to be counseled by a shaman, and I was absolutely surprised by the results. This may lead you to the question: “What happens when one is healed by a shaman?”

Through my work on this blog and in this wonderful WordPress online community, I came in contact with Ladysag77. I am not sure how our relationship developed. One of us commented on the other’s post at some point, and we realized rather quickly that we had a lot in common. On thing led to another, and before I knew it, she asked me if I would like to participate in a shamanic healing.

If you have read any of my other posts about being an Empath who has undergone a difficult life journey, you know what my immediate answer is: YES.

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We set up a date and time to talk on the phone. We are living on complete opposite sides of the country, but we were still able to coordinate a time that worked for the both of us.

Due to the sensitive nature of our session as well as what I feel is my right to privacy, I will not go through each detail, but I will say that I felt her make a connection with me right away. Through her words and practices, I felt multiple levels of my spiritual self being affected. Her words, though transfering from so many miles away, reached past all physical barriers and resonated within me. Tears poured down my cheeks and I felt my various chakras adjusting. It felt much like the times I have visited a chiropractor. Things were shifted into place and I felt both at peace and uncomfortable by the alignment. But I felt something else as well. It was an unlocking as if rusty bolts and hinges joined together again, familiar with this space, but unfamiliar with the position. My energy clicked, and I have been changed ever since.

Now here is the answer to the question…here is how I have changed. I have struggled with my body, food and body image for as long as I can remember. Shortly after our session, I suddenly realized that my life has been a constant cycle of restriction, famine, resistance, gluttony, guilt and then back to restriction. Each cycle left me battered and bruised. I would say awful things to myself and I would spend a week, a month, two months on some restrictive diet. Or maybe it was a new lifestyle change that I felt would finally help me to feel healthy. I would do this for as long as was prescribed or for as long as I thought it was working, and then I would stop. My brain would switch back. Now I would tell myself it was okay to just eat what I wanted. I had been good for so long. Restriction was too much and unnecessary. I would eat what I wanted. I would stop exercising. This would last a few days, a week, a month. Then something would happen and I would feel fat and gross and unhealthy. I would seek out a new diet or lifestyle. I convinced myself this would be the way that would help me be healthy. And the cycle would start again.

The day after my healing seesion, for the first time in my life, the realization that this was my pattern became so clear. As soon as I saw it, I could not un-see it. I still had those thoughts, but now I felt like I could see them for what they were. I didn’t have to believe that this was the way to be.

Two days after the healing session, I was listening to music and I started to dance. Dancing has always been uncomfortable to me. It never felt right in this body. The thought of other people seeing me, judging me, restricts my movements, but on this day, I started to move my body. I moved in a way that felt good and I wasn’t paralyzed by crippling thoughts about what others would think of me. I waved my arms around like huge pinwheels and shook my hips back and forth. I didn’t care that it didn’t look normal or right. I just allowed myself to feel without restriction something I struggle with even when no one is looking.

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My final shift was in my clarity of mind and my ability to articulate how I felt. There was a definite clearing of my throat chakra and my words emerged from my mouth effortlessly. It was as if the binding thoughts that had limited me so much in the past, no longer had the same limiting power. They were still there, but they were more a distant pulse than a strong force of stagnation. At times after the healing session, my words and their accuracy astonished even me. The flow and ease with which I was able to connect to my soul’s truth astounded me over and over again.

To say I highly recommend this soul sister to you is an understatement. Below you will find this wonderful woman’s site and words. It is a transformative experience.