Question of the Day: “Who am I?”

Don Miguel Ruiz, author of The Four Agreements, has written another book. His newest book is The Three Questions. The Four Agreements was such a life changing read for me (see earlier posts) I was hoping for an equal experience with this book. I was not disappointed. The three questions he raises are just the signposts I need to continue my journey to greater awareness. Today I begin with his first question: “Who am I?”

The way to determine who you are, Ruiz writes, is to first determine what you are not. To be honest, I dislike this way. As I look around me, I can see many examples of what I am not. I feel as if this narrowing down process will indeed take some time. Though I am a mother of two boys, I do not feel that this moniker defines who I am. Teaching is my passion and my career, but after this extremely difficult time of virtual learning and losing the aspects of teaching I love most, I can’t truly say this is who I am as well. Writer? No. Woman? Sure, but I feel my depth extends beyond anatomy. Friend? Of course, but there is so much more. Wife? Tried that once and I am about to don that one again, but I can truly say that label in no way helped define who I am.

We were all born to learn, to grow, and to become aware human beings. It was our intention to be the best we could be. Somewhere along the way, we got distracted. Our intentions were derailed. We forgot what it felt like to be authentic. 

Don Miguel Ruiz

Wayne Dyer, a leading spiritualist, once said that what you are cannot be changed. Anything transient and mutable can never be you. So I am not my body, my mind, my emotions. Those change with the moment like shifts in the tide. This thought process makes sense to me, but it has not been entirely helpful.

To quote Whitman, I “contain multitudes,” but are any of those multitudional things who I am? I feel the answer is a solid “no” on that one.

What am I left with at the end of this list? I know I am something, but what is that?

Who am I?

Eckhart Tolle says that we are the Watcher. We are the viewer of the self. We are the protected piece of ourselves that sees and hears, but has no attachment to the external movie of life playing before us. Sometimes I feel this watcher and when I do, it does, in fact, feel like who I am, but it is fleeting. When I leave that space, I am battered by thoughts, desires, dreams, demons. If I am this Watcher, why can’t the Watcher stay? Maybe that is the point after all.

Me is not what you actually are. You are life, or  the energy that made you a physical being. Life  runs through your body and makes it able to  move, to love, to feel. Life’s energy created your miraculous brain. It made a thinking mind  possible and gave voice to its main character.  Life is everything seen and unseen.  Only life exists.

Don Miguel Ruiz

Who I am is so simple. Who I am can never be any of those things I listed above. Who I am is what is left after the yokes of those things are gone. More than likely it is what I knew before I knew much and what I will return to when this journey is over.

Who I am will always be what I am not. I see it now. Can you see it, too?

Love and Light, Fellow Travelers!

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