Question of the Day: “When was my call to action?”

If you are also starting to see yourself as the Hero of your own journey, you must first identify the call.

We must be willing to get rid of the life we’ve planned, so as to have the life that is waiting for us.

Joseph Campbell

Here are some questions to consider as you try and identify it.

I suggest that you go somewhere quiet and close your eyes. It is important to breathe deeply through whatever feelings arise as you ask yourself these questions. Be patient and allow the answers to arise. Try to calm your mind from waiting an answer to emerge immediately. It will be impatient for answer, but that is not how it works.

  1. What is a dream (either achieved or not) that you feel deeply?
  2. What is a feeling you have tried to deny over and over again only for it to cycle back?
  3. What is a desire that seems like a slight whisper but it is intensifying into a louder call?
  4. What is behind that feeling of discontentment? Is there a deferred desire behind feelings of sadness and frustration?

My Call to Action

For me, the call was a whisper at first until I denied it over again and again. I was sent small signs and some really deep feelings, but I refused to accept it over and over again.

My call was to leave my marriage. Despite how deeply unhappy I was, I refused to believe that the answer was to leave my husband. It was a feeling that was not consistent at first, so I ignored the strong feelings and distract myself with work and friends. I buried my sadness and despair for years and years until it was too late.

I remember the exact moment when the final decision, which I had considered and thought about for years, solidified in my mind.

It was a fairly nice day and I was on a run. As usual, I used this time to ruminate over my troubling marriage. Finally, I realized I could not do this anymore. I was sick over thinking about the same things everyday. I was tired of being miserable. As soon as this feeling started, the somewhat sunny sky became overcast and then within only a few minutes a brief summer storm rolled through. The sun continued to peek and disappear behind clouds, casting strange rays of light through the rain. Rain drops tumbled down and started to soak me as puddles formed beneath my feet. I felt as if I was being baptized. I felt renewed. It felt like I was being cleansed, and my decision to leave solidified in a way that had never felt before. The rain stopped well before I arrived back home, but I was forever changed.

Leaving and starting my entire life over was not easy. The events and struggles that followed answering this call often ripped me apart and filled me with sadness, but it was never the same sadness and despair I felt when I was in a relationship that was wrong for me. The issues I faced and the trials I experienced paled in comparison with even one day in my loveless marriage.

It was worth it all.

So again, have you realized yet that you are the Hero? Have you heard your call? Do you even know where to look?

How will your journey begin?

Love and Light, Heroes!

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