Question of the Day: “How can I be the love I want to see in the world?”

The movie Love Actually, one of my favorite holiday films, begins with Hugh Grant’s iconic narration as he tells us it is at the arrivals gate at Heathrow Airport where love can be directly seen. I love this scene. I love the people smiling and kissing and hugging. I feel every word as he explains how this thought pulls him back from the gloom of the world. Thinking about this scene and his words this morning, I asked myself, “How can I be the love I want to see in the world?”

All day yesterday, with each class I taught and each student I met, I made it a point to say the word love in my mind.

Each moment of frustration, each email, each conversation with colleagues, I would actively make my mind say the word love.

There were moments, like when I was speaking to a friend about the difficult conversation she had with her partner the night before, I just silently hummed the word love, love, love again and again.

As soon as I did this simple action, I felt lighter, warmer. It enabled me to refocus on the moment as well as the person I was talking to at that time. Feelings shifted. The world around me shifted. Inviting love into my mind at that moment felt good.

This morning my son called me to say he missed his bus. Feelings of anger and frustration arose, and I felt them, but I did not react. Instead I thought love, love, love. My feelings floated away, and my clear head helped my son with his next right step.

It may not be a perfect panacea for really deep, hard emotions, but I was surprised by how many little blips it was able to help throughout the day because I agree with Hugh. If you just look hard enough, love is, actually, all around.

Love and Light, Friends!