Balance: My Word of the Day

Balance is a noun. It is the idea of staying upright and straight when it seems as if everything around you is anything but. It is the state of maintaining equilibrium, an equal amount of this and that.

But maintaining balance when things around me are out of place and skewed seems impossible.

I know I am out of balance. I keep seeing the word everywhere. This is how the Universe let’s me know I need to sit with something. It comes up again and again.

Balance was on the front of the magazine cover as I was checking out at the market the other day.

Balance was in the email from a colleague about our most recent vocab program.

It was at the bottom of a yoga poster at the gym.


Yeah, yeah. I get it. But I don’t get it. I know my balance is off. I don’t have time to meditate or write. I barely have time to relax and drink a cup off coffee recently.

Life has been making other plans as we enter the final months before moving, the wedding, and the end of this trying school year. Oh, and yeah, there is a pandemic still going on. Twenty-one bus drivers are still being quarantined in our district due to COVID.

So how do I achieve balance?

I truly have no idea right now. Balance feels like a foreign ideology for which I simply do not have the time.