Question of the Day: “Why am I having such a bad mental health day?”

Thanksgiving was wonderful. It was a long break. I have not been teaching since last Tuesday, but this did not help me at all today.

Today I feel nothing but really, really bad. No extrinsic reason is creating this feeling. Everything in my life is going really well.

This feeling of unhappiness is just hanging on me and I don’t know why.

As an Empath, I am always aware of how other’s feelings can take over mine, and it feels a bit like that now, but I am also not discounting how this could be hormonal. At 45, I would be foolish to disregard that as a possibility.

I am discontent. Today feels disappointing and hard.

I stare at my diligent students as they work in front of me. No one is being difficult. Everyone is being great actually.

I woke up early to run, but this in no way abated my feelings of disgust over my body.

My husband wrote me a beautiful text about how much he loves me and enjoyed our Thanksgiving together, and this has not in anyway impacted my anger at him for no real reason.

I keep telling myself I just have to get back into the swing of things…but I don’t want to.

Any suggestions or helpful words of advice?

Love and Light, fellow travelers!

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