Quote of the Day: “Obstacles are the path.”

Again, I am pulling from 101 Essays that will Change the way You Think. Today I read this quote. There was nothing else around it. Just these words, and I must admit, I had a visceral reaction.

“Obstacles are the path.”

Is this true for me?

It does not feel good or true. It doesn’t say obstacles are in the path or even that they must be avoided on the path. It says the are the path. I sat with this quote for a bit. My mind could not wrap itself around this concept.

If obstacles are the path and the path is life, then life is about obstacles. Obstacles are a part of life. This I know to be true. There isn’t another living creature that does not experience obstacles in their day. Without these obstacles, we would not have evolved. Nothing would have evolved. If we sat comfortably under a tree and has food handed to us, how far would mankind have gone?

It is the uncomfortable feeling that is created by obstacles that often force us to leave or forge ahead. Perhaps we make a good choice. There is a chance we make a bad one, but either way we continue on to face more obstacles.

What are my current obstacles? Generally, staying present in my job and trying to find joy in my days. Specifically, juggling the nuances of life without screwing up dates and times. On paper, these seems pretty manageable. There are worries mixed in, of course, but these are not obstacles.

When I back away and look at my life as a path the above merely obstacles in it, I feel better. Not only do these things look digestible, but they also make sense. I suddenly feel blessed and grateful.

Interesting to think that I started the day with this.

Love and Light!

Photo by Miles Hardacre on Pexels.com