Question of the Day: “What happens when I say ‘yes’ to every opportunity?

On the morning of January 11 at 12:34, I woke up from a deep sleep. It almost felt like the continuation of the dream, though I don’t remember what I was dreaming about. It felt as if I were already in a really important conversation with someone or something. It was telling me things I should know for the year. I felt like this was truly the first day of a new beginning, which I felt was odd because it was after the New Year. But I felt the truth of it. I felt these words:

“Write, just write. Every chance you can. Do not get dissuaded or distracted. Just write.”


“Take every growth opportunity that comes your way. Say ‘yes’ to everything. Your heart will lead you.”

“Find your joy.”

The first one made sense to me. I tend to write in spurts. I will stay “consistent” until the consistency ends, and then I pause for a long time. I do get disappointed that my writing never goes anywhere. But there is always something that calls me back.

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The second one was a little less comfortable. Say “yes” to every opportunity is cryptic and sparse. How do I walk the line between saying “yes” to opportunities and not become overwhelmed by the obligations I create? Regardless of my apprehension, I have been saying “yes” to opportunities.

“Can you attend this conference?” Yes

“Can you come to this meeting?” Yes

“Can I get your opinion on something?” Yes

Now this is not to say that I haven’t said “no” to things as well. If there were things that did not feel right or even healthy for me to participate in, I said “no”. I have also looked at each opportunity for the greater lesson as opposed to just blindly attending things or being a part of things and waiting for them to end. I have become more deliberate with my choices. More grounded in the moments.

The final one words have been the easiest and most transforming. Pausing, breathing in the moment, being grateful, enjoying what is in front of me has been beautiful. It seems as if joy is really everywhere. When I stopped focusing on what was wrong and instead kept my eyes open for the joy in my surroundings, things started to change.

This has been as simple as wearing a sweater with a large pink heart on it the other day to work.

“Where did you get that shirt?” My friend said to me when I walked into our office.

“I bought it. Why? Don’t you like it?”

“No, I do. It just doesn’t look like something you’d wear. I thought maybe your mom bought it for you,” she responded, suddenly feeling bad about her comment.

“Oh, well, I am trying to out a little joy in my day and I thought this sweater would help.” For the rest of the day, I received so many compliments because of this sweater. So many people smiled just seeing this large pink heart on this Ann Taylor sweater. It was crazy and beautiful all at the same time.

Love and Light!

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