Question of the Day: “To walk or not to walk? That is the question…”

It is beautiful out. After a few rainy days and a lot of wind and cold, the sun has finally appeared. Should I go for a walk during my second period prep OR should I stay and do much needed work?

Years ago, it would not have even been a question. I would have stayed inside and graded. Now, I just don’t know. If I go for a walk, things go ungraded. If I stay in my classroom, sunshine goes unfelt. I am so envious of those who get to just be outside when they feel they want to be outside, and they are not locked in a concrete classroom with only a window to the outside.

“Window?” I can feel my colleagues saying. “At least you get a window.”

Perhaps my decision is made. Perhaps it was never really a decision at all. I am going outside for a walk.

Wish me luck.

Love and Light, all.

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