Question of the Day: “What happens when we just tell each other the truth?”

The truth is such a touchy subject. We all want it from others, but when it comes to speaking our truth, what happens? I watch as friends, family, colleagues lie about how they really feel, and then they get upset or even angry when people act in certain ways because they believe the lie they’ve been told.

My husband often does this. He will feign agreement. Sometimes his agreement is tepid, which I have learned through “relationship-behavior-management” training is an indicator of believer beware. Sometimes I really don’t know that what he is saying is not a true representation of how he feels, and then I act on my belief, and he gets distant and forlorn. It’s exhausting.

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But when we speak our truth, we have to deal with the ramifications of it, right? We have to live with the external uncomfortable that our truth creates because people don’t really want to hear the “truth”. They often only want to hear the comfortable. When you speak your truth, the chances someone else feels uncomfortable goes up exponentially. But isn’t this just a another way that society ensures the comfortability of living a lie?

There is a cost, though. Lies always have a cost. The truth has a consequence, but lies, well, lies rack up some serious debt. Living a lie can cost someone a lifetime of joy as opposed to perhaps destroying someone’s image of who you are. Lying about how you feel when a person treats you poorly costs the ability for you to truly be who are. Telling the truth may actually help others to see you as you are. It’s a difficult balance, but I will I feel is worth the investment.

When we tell the truth as we know it or see it, the Universe rises to occasion. I have feared telling the truth, only to learn on the other side of it, a feeling of freedom I didn’t even know existed. There have been times when I’ve envisioned the lie. Saw in my mind’s eye the entire thing play out around my lie, but then reminded myself I am only a truth teller, so this cannot happen. Later, when I go to speak my truth, I remember the lie, and I feel nothing but gratitude for the fact that now it is not something I have to carry around with me anymore. Lies are baggage, and they are heavy and tight. The more you tell, the heavier the weight. I prefer not to have any, and I remind myself of the baggage when I feel a lie wanting to crop up.

So what is your truth and are you speaking it? If not, why not? If so, you know what I am saying.

Love and Light, all!

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