Question of the Day: “How do I even know I am an empath?”

My husband is my biggest skeptic. He believes I have an uncanny and amazing ability to read people and pick up the often imperceptible thoughts and feelings of others, but he refuses to believe there is anything special about that.

“You are incredibly perceptive, Kelly,” he retorts. “But to date, you have not done anything that has shown me you have some supernatural ability beyond above average human intelligence.”

He’s not wrong. I have brought examples forward from my life experiences where I was accurately able to read someone or knew something I shouldn’t know, but he easily dismisses my knowledge as coincidence, happenstance, or even just luck. It really makes me sit back and reexamine my abilities or even my dumb luck throughout the years.

As I’ve talked about before, I used to think I was crazy and then I thought I was imagining it. It took me years to feel comfortable with what I believe is an uncanny ability to feel other people. But how do you explain the almost unexplainable? How can you describe what love and fear and anxiety feel like when they are coming from the energy of an individual who is not yourself?

Truthfully, I cannot have every feeling validated. Many pass through me and I don’t know if I am right or wrong. Then there are the times when I read something off of someone that is completely wrong. I voice what it feels like and the person very candidly says, “No.” Those are hard moments that make second guess all of this. But then there are those times when I connect with another person in a way that does not feel typical. I connect with them in a way that feels like I can see beyond their exterior and feel the life that courses below their surface and even further below that. There are those moments when I talk to someone and I can feel the pain leeching from them and into me where I breathe through it and release it for them. They feel lighter, happier, and often describe feeling understood for the first time in their lives.

What is that? It is in those moments I do not doubt. In those moments, I know with the illuminating light of seven suns that I am able to see and feel more than the average person.

So what does it mean to me when the person I am closest with in all the world does not believe me?

“So you think I am liar, then,” I ask and look him directly in the eyes.

“No,” he responds. “I definitely don’t believe that.”

“Then I am crazy then?”

He shakes his head again. “No, I don’t think…well, maybe a little crazy.” He smiles and laughs aloud, which often signals an end of this conversation.

“Then what do you attribute this to, then?” I ask, completely frustrated by his disbelief.

“Kelly, it’s just you.”

Love and Light, my friends.